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Výroba přípravků, nástrojů, forem

Drahy 592, 696 42 Vracov
tel.: +420 777 783 556
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Special manufacturing equipment, tools, fixtures

Operation 1 focuses on production of special manufacturing equipment, special tools, moulds, and various jigs and fixtures. The manufacturing equipment is tailor-made to customer specifications. Most of our production covers single-purpose machines and equipment manufactured in a series production. The jigs and fixtures can be of a single-purpose or universal design. Tools produced include in particular tools for presses of all types: single-stage, integrated, combined as well as transfer presses, for cutting, stamping-out, punching, trimming, bending, drawing, sizing and riveting. We also manufacture tools for marking-off and clamping. The production of moulds focuses on manufacturing of moulds for gravitation casting of aluminium and forms for rubber pressings. We also manufacture patterns for casting to sand moulds. Our manufacturing programme includes also production of jigs and fixtures for milling, turning, drilling, welding, spraying and assembling. These jigs and fixtures can be of a single-purpose or universal design.